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Would you like more information on digital health? We are running a Health in beta webcast series

PwC’s Health Industries team is launching a webcast series to explore how digital is impacting the health and pharma environment. The series will include debates among industry experts on topics such as trusted data, privacy, new regulations, devolution, health and social care integration, digital hospitals, interoperability and the Internet of Things.

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We are running a Health in beta webcast series


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You’ll need to Know your customers inside and out. Customer centricity will take on a far more challenging meaning. And Defining the right path to success will involve some hard choices and trade-offs. Evolving your organisation requires a repositioning of your existing business whilst Creating and unleashing your growth engines. Accelerating the programme of change – to mitigate the risk of your competitors moving ahead – will be a necessity. And throughout the journey, you’ll need to Protect the value and reputation of your assets in what can be a high risk environment.

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  • Understand the key value shift dynamics in the digital economy.
  • Understand the rapidly-evolving digital customer (needs & desired outcomes).
  • Use digital to understand the customer’s decision-making process, consumption and profitability.
  • Embrace a total customer insight approach, which includes harnessing social and consumption data.


  • Understand how value is created in the digital economy, in your value chain and ecosystem.
  • Formulate your vision, business strategy and overall strategy for your success in the digital age.
  • Redefine your business model accordingly.
  • Quantify the value potential.
  • Create a case for change.
  • Achieve alignment on the case for change.


  • Align business processes and structures to deliver customer needs.
  • Respond to changing customer needs throughout the organisation.
  • Develop a digitally fit organisation across the organisation, from customer to supporting processes.
  • Measure delivery of customer outcomes.
  • Develop an ‘innovation inside’ culture.


  • Create new proposition elements, propositions, business ideas.
  • Incubate and test new propositions in order to minimise operational and brand risk (prototyping, pilots, incubators, etc).
  • Create, launch, operate and measure these new units or entities (if that’s the chosen path).
  • Develop and execute an integration approach.


  • Implement your new business model.
  • Implement your new operating model (people, processes, structure, KPIs, systems, etc).
  • Consider the tax and legal implications of the changes.
  • Acquire and master the required IT capabilities to become a digital enterprise.
  • Adopt agile approaches to design, build and integrate enterprise-wide social, mobile and web solutions.


  • Define digital protection roles and responsibilities.
  • Equip relevant people with the full complement of cyber skills and insights to respond to the full range of digital threats.
  • Integrate digital risk protection throughout the organisation.
  • Build a 360° situational awareness of the latest trends, present and emerging threats in the digital landscape.
  • Understand how to build digital trust in your organisation.
  • Protect your organisation’s reputation through establishing the right approach to cyber security.
  • Respond quickly and efficiently to cyber, privacy and data breaches.
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