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The 3 waves of digital development

The changing tides of our digital world and the opportunities ahead


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How much is a digital life worth anyway?

We would never dream of leaving our belongings outside our house. So why are consumers so blasé about their digital assets; and what should businesses do about protecting their own?

Although we may not even be aware of it, we are all living double lives – one in the real world, and one online.

In fact, the lines are more blurred than that because many of us are already running a huge proportion of our ‘real’ lives digitally. This might be thr

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Digital natives. Who are they and how will they affect your business?

Over the last few years, business has changed at an astonishing rate. This change has been triggered by the explosion of digital technology in four key areas…

Each has had a significant impact on businesses and, more importantly, on the expectations and behaviour of their customers and employees. Among these customers and employees is a group of people who are more tech-savvy than any other demographic.

We call them digital na

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