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dollars are being generated by the Cloud Market*

In 2015 $110 billion dollars of revenue* was generated by the Cloud Market. Cloud technologies are generating massive revenues and high growth rates, currently the market has an annualised growth rate of 28%.

Industries in beta

The financial services industry is in beta: FinTech is a force for good

The financial crisis meant that financial businesses who were once regarded as trusted counsellors are now viewed with suspicion. Financial services companies are ripe for disruption and FinTechs can be the force for good the industry desperately needs.

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Health in beta

How new providers can use digital to secure patient data and deliver personalised healthcare in non-traditional settings. By activating patients, healthcare organisations can revolutionise their business models.

Energy in beta

In five years’ time, the energy market will look radically different to today and all players in the market must adopt a business model that meets the challenges and realises the potential opportunities.

Driverless cars

It’s time to wake up to driverless cars; the impact of digital on the automotive industry, arguably the biggest revolution in the automotive sector.

Entertainment in beta

What will the entertainment and media industry look like in the future? How will our viewing become even more personalised? What are the digital opportunities?

Hotels in beta

Mobile and tablet bookings are overtaking PC bookings. And it’s mostly being done through third parties. How can hotels fight back? How can they differentiate themselves and increase customer loyalty?

Retail in beta

The basics – product, price and brand – are as important for retailers as ever, but what does the future hold for the industry? What are the digital opportunities?

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