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< The beta blog | 13 Aug 2015

Digital and publishing: Tracking down the tax

For the digital aspects of publishing, tax is important to content sourcing and customer supply. Additionally, identifying the economic owner of intellectual property (IP) is challenging but essential in assessing who should be taxed on the returns made on IP.

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< The beta blog | 25 Jun 2015

Levelling the location debate: introducing the Digital Single Market for small value consignments

With the birth and explosion of ecommerce, is location still a consideration for retail? For some aspects, such as taxation, location can still make a difference for digital businesses. The EU is currently tackling the location debate when it comes to VAT (value-added tax) and customs duty on small value consignments.

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< The beta blog | 22 Jun 2015

Digital and tax: location, location, location

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the challenges of adapting the international tax regime to the digital age. One of the biggest issues that will have to be tackled is around the location of income.

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< The beta blog | 04 Jun 2015

The taxing question of digital business

Digital technology has changed – and continues to change – our lives. It’s also changed how businesses operate in fundamental ways. But is there really such as thing as a separate, and distinct, ‘digital business’?

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< The beta blog | 20 May 2015

Could the digital economy bring about a new breed of tax rules?

This article was first published on Lexis®PSL Tax on 5 May 2015.

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< The beta blog | 25 Mar 2015

Video games developers are taking steps to secure a new tax relief

The BFI recently confirmed that video games developers have applied for “culturally British” certificates for 23 new video games in 2014. This status allows games to qualify for a generous 20% cash credit on the development activities for that game. The new relief was introduced on 1 April 2014.

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< The beta blog | 16 Mar 2015

Cash credits for television production are boosting the UK’s thriving creative industries

Recently published statistics have shown that the UK’s creative industries are now worth £76.9bn per year to the UK economy, or a staggering £8.8m per hour! Investment in the UK’s creative industries has been boosted by a number of very valuable tax reliefs, which are being introduced as part of the UK Government’s objective of making the UK the technology centre of Europe.

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< The beta blog | 10 Mar 2015

R&D – keeping pace with development in a digital environment

The digital age provides companies with increasing flexibility on where to undertake R&D and locate intellectual property (IP). Governments around the world are aware that R&D operates in a competitive global marketplace and are increasingly introducing incentives to attract skills-based investment and boost economic recovery.

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< The beta blog | 04 Mar 2015

Tax challenges in the digital age - the UK patent box

In the digital age, businesses will undoubtedly be heavily invested in intellectual property (IP). This shifting focus towards IP rich enterprise means that the traditional tax profile of business has morphed to present a whole new suite of issues and opportunities.

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< The beta blog | 16 Dec 2014

UK brings in Digital Tax as Ofcom report identifies UK shoppers as the most prolific online

It is now over a month since I wrote my blog “We don’t need new digital taxes, we need an international tax system fit for the Digital Age” about the OECD BEPS project which is seeking multilateral consensus to update the international tax system to cope with how modern businesses are run. It turns out that the UK Government does not entirely agree.

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