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< The beta blog | 05 Jan 2017

Interview with CEO of Paycasso, Russell King: FinTech is a force for good

Rob Churcher, from PwCs consulting practice interviews the CEO of Paycasso, Russell King. Paycasso is a FinTech business specialising in combating identity fraud through the use of innovative facial recognition and computer learning technology. During the interview Rob and Russell discuss how FinTech is a force for good, contributing positively to the Financial Services sector, focusing on customer needs.

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Banks have gone for the quick wins in innovation. They’ve digitised the front end of their retail operations, offering customers online services through a user interface that is often impressive. Their problem, however, lies in what sits behind that customer experience...

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< The beta blog | 08 Dec 2016

Our Lives in Data vlog: analysing transport data

In the third vlog in our series from the 'Our Lives in Data' exhibition at the Science Museum, we've focused on the transport section which displays the inside an Oyster Card reader and a 3D model of Bond Street station.

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< The beta blog | 07 Dec 2016

Optimising customer experience in the connected home: why telcos should act as glue

By providing a connected home service, telecoms operators implicitly become the "guardian" of the home for consumers. As a result they take on responsibility for maintaining security in the home. If telcos can position themselves as the ‘glue’ supporting device connectivity, they can secure the right customer experience and their own future at the heart of the connected home ecosystem.

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< The beta blog | 15 Nov 2016

Will Virtual Reality mean ‘Virtual Retail’?

In this blog Virtual Reality Specialist at PwC, Jeremy Dalton, explores how retailers are currently experimenting with Virtual Reality (VR) technology, and how it could change the way consumers shop. He also explores the potential future applications and opportunities which VR presents for the retail and grocery sectors.

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< The beta blog | 09 Nov 2016

What can InsurTech learn from Maslow’s theory of self-actualisation and the hierarchy of needs?

The InsurTech explosion is finally upon us. InsurTech has the power to change the insurance industry for the better, but will it deliver sustained growth for the sector? In this blog we argue that technology-driven innovation has the potential to be more than just about customer experience.

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< The beta blog | 07 Nov 2016

Telcos have a part to play in making the connected home secure, but so does everyone else

The connected home market is a highly competitive environment, with diverse players – telcos, media companies, cloud service providers, device manufacturers and more – battling it out for a slice of the consumer revenues. In such a multi-provider ecosystem as diverse as the connected home whose responsibility is it to ensure security overall?

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< The beta blog | 21 Oct 2016

Our Lives in Data: social media risk

Data is everywhere. And social media is just one of the ways we’re creating massive sets of data every day, every minute, every second. From posting a status to clicking ‘like’ – just how much are we sharing about our lives on Facebook? And how much do we want companies to know about us?

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< The beta blog | 19 Oct 2016

Why you don’t have to be a challenger bank to challenge the banks

You don’t actually need to be a bank to deliver better customer outcomes. Innovative, technology-driven businesses such as APS financial are taking on the banks even though they don’t have a banking licence of their own.

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< The beta blog | 17 Oct 2016

How Gov.Tech pioneers can change the face of public services through disruptive innovation

In an always-on, 24/7 connected world, the relationship between citizens, national and local government is changing. As entrepreneurs innovate and deliver products and services that users really want, consumers increasingly expect their relationship with government to b

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