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Would you like more information on digital health? We are running a Health in beta webcast series

PwC’s Health Industries team is launching a webcast series to explore how digital is impacting the health and pharma environment. The series will include debates among industry experts on topics such as trusted data, privacy, new regulations, devolution, health and social care integration, digital hospitals, interoperability and the Internet of Things.

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The world is in

< The beta blog | 06 Jun 2016

Innovation Jumpstart: making innovation second nature

The challenges faced by utilities firms continue to multiply: climate change and population growth are putting pressure on natural resources; increased competition and regulatory change are forcing organisations to become more customer-focused; while new technologies ar

The world is in

< The beta blog | 25 May 2016

Innovation in the energy utilities sector

The unprecedented pace of change in the energy utility sector makes innovation more important than ever – but also creates a new challenge to understand what innovation means today. Truly innovative companies are using disruptive thinking, cutting-edge technologies an

The world is in

< The beta blog | 13 May 2016

Taxation impacts arising from new digital business models

Digital is transforming how businesses operate, not just in making it easier to do current business, but also creating new business models with associated challenges to existing legal, regulatory and taxation frameworks.

The world is in

< The beta blog | 07 May 2016

The personalisation of healthcare

From wearable monitors and fitness apps, to telehealth and remote patient monitoring – these technologies are enabling ‘activated patients’ to become more demanding about their healthcare choices and decisions about treatment.

The world is in

< The beta blog | 07 May 2016

New providers are driving the future of healthcare provision

The time is ripe for new ideas in UK healthcare. Advances in digital healthcare technology are clearly presenting organisations with many opportunities to improve outcomes for patients, efficiency for health service commissioners, and profitability for themselves. To take full advantage of these, commissioners need to identify where to play and – critically – who to collaborate with, ahead of newer and nimbler entrants to the market.

The world is in

< The beta blog | 07 May 2016

mHealth. When Healthcare goes digital

Pharmaceuticals are on the cusp of a revolution, the likes of which have not been seen since their industrial inception in the 19th century. Digital technology is fundamentally changing the way we consume products and data, but for the healthcare and life sciences industry it may have come just in the nick of time, as the increasing burden of chronic disease and ageing populations threaten to overwhelm already overstretched healthcare systems.

The world is in

< The beta blog | 06 May 2016

Putting technology at the fingertips of patients and doctors might just transform healthcare

Better use of technology might do far more in the health system than new organisational structures and metrics. Technology has the potential to enable better care, delivered more effectively and efficiently. It might just benefit patients, clinicians and funders alike by encouraging new behaviours, diagnoses and engagement along the way.

The world is in

< The beta blog | 28 Apr 2016

How can local councils stay relevant in a digital age?

Local government must learn to give up traditional notions of control. Councils that do not shift quickly to an effective model of participation will lose the ability to make a positive impact in their areas. The councils at the forefront of this agenda are beginning to realise the true value of actively championing digital participation; using digital technology and platforms to enable people and communities to participate more to improve their local area and help local people.

The world is in

< The beta blog | 27 Apr 2016

The future is virtual reality

Virtual reality is here to stay. We are on the verge of a revolution, and not just in entertainment, but also across sectors as diverse as retail, healthcare, education, tourism and communications. Virtual reality technology has the potential to become the single most important way for us to connect with the outside world.

The world is in

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic, fuelled by growing media interest and numerous investments made by big technology firms. AI is already being used in everyday life with applications including spam filters and speech recognition technologies, such as Siri and the Netflix recommendation engine. But in a business context how useful and practical is AI and is it something your business should consider?

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