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< The beta blog | 24 Apr 2015

How family businesses can take a lead in the digital age

Digital technologies are part of our everyday life. We use them to keep in touch with friends and family (facebook, twitter), to purchase goods online from retailers we like to shop with (e-commerce – from home and on the move), and to communicate in the way we want t

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< The beta blog | 24 Apr 2015

Who, me? When shopping gets personal

Although many of us in Belgium still have a wallet crammed with different loyalty cards from DIY stores, supermarkets, perfumeries, clothing stores, bookshops and more, and enjoy the benefits we get from each store as a thank you for signing up, these cards may (hopeful

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< The beta blog | 20 Apr 2015

Is it a bird, is it a plane? Entering the 3D world of the drone

That two-metre high fence you’ve built to keep out the prying neighbours may have been adequate a few years ago, but now that next-door’s kid – or even the kid down the street or in the next town – has a drone, your privacy’s gone.

Once used solely for military

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< The beta blog | 15 Apr 2015

Car trouble? Don’t bother popping the bonnet, simply reboot

Today’s car is a more than just a means of getting from A to B, it’s a tech-savvy, rolling communications centre that’s always on. No longer an aspirational concept for the future, the connected car is an imminent reality. Indeed, some connected-car functions are

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< The beta blog | 02 Apr 2015

Wearables, data and the power of ‘We’

Recently, our PwC Digital Consulting team participated in SXSW Interactive, one of the largest international conferences on Digital with over 33,000 attendees this year. Wearables took centre stage at this year’s event with everything from 3D printed clothing wit

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< The beta blog | 19 Mar 2015

The digital transformation of the UK economy

One in ten workers in central London are doing jobs that did not exist in 1990, mostly linked to new digital technologies. And this number is set to rise further according to recent research we’ve done in association with Dr Carl Benedikt Frey of the Oxford Martin Sch

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< The beta blog | 03 Mar 2015

Digital continues its journey of discovery

In October last year, the UK newspaper and magazine wholesaler Smiths News launched a same-day collection service jointly with Amazon. The story got little coverage in the mainstream press. But if you spotted it, you’ll know the service is called ‘Pass my Parcel’.

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< The beta blog | 23 Feb 2015

As eCommerce sees logistics get personal, parcel carriers must innovate or die

In January this year, the cab-sharing service Uber began piloting a new logistics service in Hong Kong. Called UberCargo, it enables smartphone users to call up a van to transport items, in return for a fee based on time and distance travelled.

At first sight, UK transpo

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< The beta blog | 16 Feb 2015

Why companies need to adapt in a fragmented payment world

Disruptive technology is a subject many companies are wrestling with. In an ever changing world, companies need to be on their toes, because blink and you will be left behind.

Lately we have seen a lot of press about the fact that card payments are set to overt

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< The beta blog | 10 Feb 2015

Preparing for the future of recruitment: meet the ‘shapers’ that will transform the industry over the coming decade

The next time you order a package for delivery at home or work, think how the experience differs from ten years ago. Back then you’d wait a week or so for it to turn up – and if it didn’t, you’d ring someone to ask where it was. Today you can log in immediately

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