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< The beta blog | 04 Aug 2015

Digital payments: an uncertain path to a certain future

Just paid for parking using your mobile phone? Or paid for groceries in a supermarket using the retailer’s dedicated app? Convenient, isn’t it? While these examples make it seem that we’re just moments away from all-pervasive mobile payment, the reality is very different.

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< The beta blog | 23 Jul 2015

The outdated “battle” between digital innovation and regulation is holding you back

Digital health innovators need to stop seeing regulation as a roadblock and start seeing it as a useful and necessary part of launching a digital health product.

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< The beta blog | 15 Jul 2015

​Taking the lead: Finance in a digital age

Boards and business teams are looking to finance to help them navigate through a digital age. If finance can’t provide the necessary insights, it risks being bypassed and sidelined.

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< The beta blog | 07 Jul 2015

(Video) The world is in beta – our event on 12 May

On 12 May, we hosted our ‘the world is in beta’ event to discuss the opportunities and implications of digital transformation, and how companies can gain advantage in this increasingly complex environment.

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< The beta blog | 01 Jul 2015

Insurance takes on technology or vice versa?

How will the hyper-connected world impact the insurance sector and how will it react? That’s a question to which there’s currently no clear answer, from either side.

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< The beta blog | 15 Jun 2015

PwC at Digital Shoreditch: The Future of Things

On the 13th of May we hosted an event at Digital Shoreditch as part of our sponsorship of the festival, bringing together startups, innovators, entrepreneurs, creative minds and technical talent from around the world.

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< The beta blog | 04 Jun 2015

Cities are only as smart as their citizens

Smart cities begin with smart people. The people who recognise how new technologies can benefit city inhabitants and visitors, those that implement technology in innovative and inspiring ways, and those who use it to make their own lives easier. Cities can only be truly smart if citizens are smart.

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< The beta blog | 28 May 2015

You don’t have to be on a mission to Mars to benefit from 3D printing

What happens when we run out of room on Planet Earth? We relocate to a new planet? The answer it seems is yes, and Mars has been selected as the location of choice. Let alone dealing with the dust, how can we create new colonies on Mars?

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< The beta blog | 08 May 2015

Changing healthcare – how technology can help create better and sustainable care

Every government wants to offer its citizens the best healthcare system it can, to keep people fit and healthy as best it can. Unfortunately, the healthcare systems in place in most countries are proving to be financially unsustainable. Without change, it’s only a matter of time before they break down completely. What’s the answer? It’s time to start looking to the future at what emerging technologies can do for the healthcare sector – and there’s a wealth of potential. Time to turn the focus to prevention, rather than solely on cure.

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< The beta blog | 30 Apr 2015

The secret to enhancing efficiency: wearables at work

Many of us have applications on our smartphones and tablets – and possibly smartwatch - that take us through our gym routine, tell us how many calories we’ve burned, how far we’ve run and boost our workout with a host of other Big Data. If these so-called ‘wearables’ can add value to our private lives what could they do at work?

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