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< The beta blog | 11 Dec 2015

Digital IQ: UK is lagging not leading

UK industry needs to see digital technology as more of an opportunity and less of a threat. The UK has got rather used to thinking itself in the vanguard of digital technology. Which means our latest Digital IQ survey will come as a nasty shock.

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< The beta blog | 19 Oct 2015

What have the ad blockers taught us?

How will the digital advertising industry respond to the rise of ad blockers? Advertising is the fabric of the internet ecosystem - do ad blockers undermine it or force the industry to re-evaluate how it engages with its audience?

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< The beta blog | 15 Sep 2015

Open sesame - why the digital world needs to share geospatial data

The full potential of geospatial data and its contribution to the hyper-connected digital world has yet to be realised. It offers much more precise information about where things are and how they’re moving, or not and has immense application in the digital world.

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< The beta blog | 09 Sep 2015

Strategy made simple in a digital world

For companies that ‘get it’ with digital, it’s transforming not just what they do, but how they do it. Digital transformations mean that execution is taking place alongside strategy, making the process not just quicker but sharper.

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< The beta blog | 04 Aug 2015

Creating a reward strategy for a digital age

We hosted Heads of Reward from some of the largest companies in the UK, Europe and South Africa at our conference on Creating a Reward Strategy for a Digital Age to discuss the effects that the digital world is having on organisations and their HR teams.

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The digital insurer of the future must look beyond seeing digital as an add-on, and instead see it as a key driver of change for their entire business. Insurers don’t need a digital strategy, they need a business strategy fit for the digital age.

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< The beta blog | 22 Oct 2014

Big Data: Big Danger?

Yann Bonduelle shares his experiences from the 2014 Battle of Ideas at the Barbican. The session looked at the danger and opportunities of Big Data. Yann focused on 4 topics: Definitions; Decisions; Next step; A new Data Deal.

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As the volume of digital interactions between people & businesses continues to grow, so does the amount of data created and available to those businesses. It's important to understand the conduct-related risks and the potential risks in the future.

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< The beta blog | 07 Oct 2014

CCO Questions #5: Will transparency harm the trust customers have in you?

In a digital world, transparency is a fact of life. Imagine a security camera is recording what you are doing or saying right now. When that footage ends up on Youtube, are you happy for your customer to see it? If not, then you shouldn’t be doing it.

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< The beta blog | 01 Oct 2014

What's the key to social media success?

Businesses use social media to build trust with employees and customers. While social media offers a large number of opportunities, the key is to have a well thought through digital strategy that is underpinned by good governance and risk management.

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