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< The beta blog | 14 Oct 2016

Machine learning and the opportunity to make better decisions, faster

Financial Services organisations make predictions all the time, in all parts of their business. Guessing what the future might hold and aligning decisions with these estimates, is implicitly what these organisations do. Even in a mature data-rich industry there is still significant potential to improve the quality and speed of decision making. Increased prediction awareness and the emergence of more accessible machine learning technology are set to make the difference.

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From storytelling traditions to the latest video games, there is no denying that the humble story has found ways to evolve and engage with different generations. However, it seems that the art of storytelling has not made its way into the IT security profession and as a

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Everyday a new cyber security threat emerges. In response to this we have seen organisations adapt their security infrastructure and heavily invest in state of the art technical controls to defend themselves against attacks. However, even with all of these efforts, secu

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< The beta blog | 02 Aug 2016

Banks confront the FinTech challenge

Only 52% of banks believe that FinTech is at the heart of their business strategy – compared to, for example, 84% of fund transfer and payment institutions. To remedy this, banks will need to rethink their relationships with the wider financial services community.

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< The beta blog | 07 Jun 2016

Smart home technology - Internet of Things or Indifference to Things?

There's a lot of hype around the technology advances in the digitally connected home. But do we, as consumers, care as much as we're led to believe? How can energy companies get round this indifference to show the real benefits of the Internet of Things?

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< The beta blog | 06 Jun 2016

Cross border trade online: how Brussels plans to change the rules

Should online retailers be able to stop someone from overseas buying from their site? European Commission released proposals to bring fair competition and protection to the online market across Member States with a vision for a Digital Single Market.

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< The beta blog | 25 May 2016

Innovation in the energy utilities sector

Innovation in the energy utility sector is more important than ever – but also creates a new challenge to understand what innovation means today. We look at why current conditions in the retail energy market make the innovation imperative so vital.

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< The beta blog | 13 May 2016

The industrial Internet of Things demands a new operational blueprint

The industrial Internet of Things is set to dwarf the consumer version, but getting it right will be about more than new technology

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< The beta blog | 07 May 2016

The value of patient data

Sharing of data will be key to embracing a fully digital health ecosystem. However a balance needs to be struck between data access, availability and integrity.

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< The beta blog | 27 Apr 2016

The future is virtual reality

Virtual reality is here to stay. We are on the verge of a digital revolution across multiple sectors. Virtual reality technology has the potential to become the single most important way for us to connect with the outside world.

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