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< The beta blog | 22 Apr 2016

Digital and HR – How is digital changing the workforce?

How can digital be most effectively used to enhance the HR function? It isn’t only about securing the best technology it is about creating the right leadership and culture to deliver innovation and productivity.

< The beta blog | 19 Apr 2016

A beginner’s guide to FinTech: Navigating the jargon

Do you know your Unicorns from your Gazelles? Your Blockchain from your Bitcoin? And what’s an accelerator when it’s not stuck to the floor of your car?

When it comes to social media and networking, it’s all a bit of fun, right? Connecting with friends, family, business colleagues, strangers, dangerous criminals…Wait, what was that last one? Yes, you read that correctly. Social netw

< The beta blog | 13 Apr 2016

The Internet of Things: a revolution or the evolution of a new security model?

For technophiles, it’s an exciting time. But anyone with a concern for cyber security likely wants to find out more about the security and design pitfalls of this '20 billion connected things' business.

We live in an era where technology is changing our lives at a rate that every part of society is grappling to keep up with. Many people worry about their privacy. Companies are seeing their business models come under attack from new digital entrants and their corporate behaviour magnified in real time through social media. With governments facing diminished control as new forms of communication empower their citizens.

Niagara Falls - an irresistible force of nature-; a bit like digital. You can’t turn back the tide on digital any more than you can hold back the Falls. The comparison of digital with Niagara Falls isn’t quite as random as it might seem.

< The beta blog | 03 Feb 2016

1 in 10: InsurTech startups take no notice of the survival statistic

According to statistics, only one in ten startups survive. But for InsurTech startups, if you combine their passion and absolute determination to succeed with support from industry players, the reality could be very different.

< The beta blog | 01 Feb 2016

Trends in Technology - Impact on Treasury

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and it’s important that Treasury teams keep on top of the trends to ensure they continue to add value to the business. Along with the leading software provider SAP, the PwC Treasury and Commodity team recently hosted an event where the topic of conversation was Trends in Technology.

< The beta blog | 30 Jan 2016

Connected home: The implications for energy retailers and changing customer relationships

The connected home is a great opportunity for energy retailers – but it’s also a big threat. Experience across many different markets shows how far and fast digital disruption can drive changes to a market. A cursory look at the changes taking place, for example, disruptive FinTech applications disaggregating the financial services market, BT entering the entertainment and media markets and the impact of omni-channel retailing, shows how rapidly relatively stable markets can transform. New players can arise quickly, and unbounded by physical limitations, can rapidly gain a sizeable market share.

< The beta blog | 12 Jan 2016

AI: powered by data

Artificial Intelligence became a hot topic early in 2015 when suddenly all the heads of big tech firms were voicing their opinions around it.

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