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< The beta blog | 01 Feb 2016

Trends in Technology - Impact on Treasury

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and it’s important that Treasury teams keep on top of the trends to ensure they continue to add value to the business. Along with the leading software provider SAP, the PwC Treasury and Commodity team recently hosted an event where the topic of conversation was Trends in Technology.

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< The beta blog | 30 Jan 2016

Connected home: The implications for energy retailers and changing customer relationships

The connected home is a great opportunity for energy retailers – but it’s also a big threat. Experience across many different markets shows how far and fast digital disruption can drive changes to a market. A cursory look at the changes taking place, for

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< The beta blog | 12 Jan 2016

AI: powered by data

Artificial Intelligence became a hot topic early in 2015 when suddenly all the heads of big tech firms were voicing their opinions around it.

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< The beta blog | 07 Dec 2015

Taxing the Sharing Economy

Since we lived in caves, humans have shared our time and property with others. We do things for our friends and neighbours, sometimes for money, sometimes in exchange for a good deed in return, and sometimes without expectation of anything at all; it’s one of the thin

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< The beta blog | 21 Oct 2015

To be digitally fit, you need to be digitally trusted

Moving processes into the digital world isn’t just about moving the paper world into the electronic sphere, doing the same things online. Digital offers the potential for you to be faster, more agile and more creative than you’ve ever been before. Going digital offers opportunities to optimise processes; make them more cost-efficient, faster and environmentally friendly. Embracing the opportunities digital brings is the only way to stay competitive. Trust is an essential part of that.

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< The beta blog | 22 Jun 2015

Digital and tax: location, location, location

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the challenges of adapting the international tax regime to the digital age. One of the biggest issues that will have to be tackled is around the location of income.

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< The beta blog | 19 Jun 2015

Findings from the ISBS

​We have been commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) to survey companies across the UK on cyber security incidents and emerging trends.

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< The beta blog | 15 Jun 2015

PwC at Digital Shoreditch: The Future of Things

On the 13th of May we hosted an event at Digital Shoreditch as part of our sponsorship of the festival, bringing together startups, innovators, entrepreneurs, creative minds and technical talent from around the world.

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< The beta blog | 10 Apr 2015

Ready for when your systems are breached? Because they will be

Stories of data breaches, information system hacks and infiltrated cyber security architecture are legion. These days, it’s less about if an organisation’s systems will be breached, and more about when. And more importantly, about whether you have

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< The beta blog | 08 Apr 2015

Learning from the lessons of the past – Security, Privacy and the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer the future, it’s the here and now. Already, people and objects in the physical and virtual worlds are able to interact with one another, exchanging data and automating tasks. And it’s all pervasive from the factory floor to

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