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< The beta blog | 23 Mar 2015

Teaching elephants to salsa

During the past few years we have seen a number of examples of extreme company growth from start-ups. Uber, Airbnb, Facebook and Spotify are examples who have gone from nothing to billion-pound valuations in 3-5 years. These companies are fast moving and agile, unlike a

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< The beta blog | 06 Mar 2015

The new digital age: are charities ready for disruption?

"To disrupt or to be disrupted. That is the question". OK, if Shakespeare were alive today, he might not have said those exact words but all charities, large or small, need to be asking themselves that same question.

In a previous blog, we talked through the opportunities

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< The beta blog | 03 Mar 2015

Getting strategic about China

As the Technology sponsor at the GREAT Festival of Creativity event here in Shanghai, we’re encouraging delegates to test the ‘digital fitness’ of their organisation through our online tool. British businesses entering the Chinese market or working with Chinese pa

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< The beta blog | 27 Feb 2015

Organisations must realise the value of having a diversity and inclusion strategy

Organisations today face a number of uncertainties in global markets and a key attribute for future success is adaptability. This includes having a good mix of talent and the ability to alter the mix depending on business needs. It also means having people who can

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< The beta blog | 19 Feb 2015

Survival of the fittest: Six ways to reinvent the IT function for the digital age

It probably sounds counterintuitive: suggesting IT functions could be a casualty of the very technology they exist to manage. But it’s not as contradictory as it might at first appear. One of the key reasons why digital technology is having such a seismic effect on

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< The beta blog | 17 Feb 2015

Manufacturers must start to realise the real value of their data – or face playing catch-up

In a world where the flood of data is expanding by the day, the findings from PwC’s latest Global CEO Survey highlight both the opportunities and challenges facing today’s manufacturers.

Asked what digital developments they regard as strategically important, man

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< The beta blog | 03 Feb 2015

CCO Questions #7: Are you taking social seriously enough?

Social media may no longer be new, but change is still happening at a significant pace. Below I have outlined number of key themes within social that CCO’s should be prepared for. I believe these themes will drive major change across social in the future:

More devices

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< The beta blog | 23 Jan 2015

How predictive analytics can help business service firms succeed

Business services firms are ultimately people businesses. From facilities management, to recruitment, to legal and high end advisory services, intelligently managing your core asset – human capital – is vital. And with the UK economy back in growth mode, hiring, mot

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< The beta blog | 19 Jan 2015

Why governance is the first step in harnessing the power of social media for manufacturers

The other day I decided to check out the history of crowdsourced innovation in manufacturing. And guess what: I found that carmakers have some of the longest and most productive track records. It’s now more than four years since Fiat developed and launched the world

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< The beta blog | 08 Jan 2015

CCO Questions #6: Are you ready for disruption?

Game changer, innovator, paradigm shifter. They’ve all been used to mean a new product or service that fundamentally changes the nature of a market.

For a while now, we’ve tended to use the term ‘disruptor’. Its more aggressive tone is probably a better fit when

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