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< The beta blog | 18 Apr 2016

Technology remains key to business success

No matter what your business, technology has changed the way we work. Every year, we interview CEOs from across the world to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities their businesses are facing. In this film, we hear from four UK CEOs who describe their views on how technology has affected their business.

< The beta blog | 01 Mar 2016

HR in a digital world: Five myths, and what to do about them

The first wave of the digital revolution was all about technology: the kit, the devices and the IT infrastructure. Now we’re some way into the second, the people and organisational dimension is taking centre stage. And in any time of significant change, reality tends to get blurred by tall tales - here are top five digital myths, and what they mean for people, organisations and HR, and what we can do about them.

< The beta blog | 29 Feb 2016

Using digital, data and information to make the most of your people

Attracting, retaining and developing a productive workforce is key for business growth. However, few businesses really understand how to unleash the true potential of their people.

PwC’s Strategy& team has recently published one of the first global studies into the latest addition to the corporate C-suite – the Chief Digital Officer. The title may seem precise, but what do we really know about this new, and still relatively rare role?

< The beta blog | 05 Jan 2016

What role does data play in your decision making?

Since the beginning of time, mankind has captured and analysed data. And as processes have become more automated, devices more connected and increased technological capacity enables greater processing ability at ever lower costs, data and the associated analytics is now available to us in unprecedented volumes.

< The beta blog | 05 Jan 2016

Does digital spell the death of the manager?

Are you looking to make your organisation more agile, more ‘digital’ and better connected to make sure you’re able to compete in the digital world?

< The beta blog | 16 Dec 2015

Energy 2020 - Becoming digital normal

The message in our recent publication Energy 2020: Who will be the Winners? is simple: energy suppliers can no longer rely on their heritage and traditional expertise to compete in the market of the future. More recently, we published the latest instalment in this campaign looking at how utilities can improve their digital capabilities: Energy 2020: Becoming digital normal.

< The beta blog | 16 Dec 2015

In the mainstream, in the bloodstream

Technology is no longer a separate sector – it’s integral to everything UK PLC does

< The beta blog | 15 Dec 2015

The 2018 digital university - staying relevant in the digital age

The very nature of Higher Education, how it is delivered and the role of universities in society and the economy is changing, and will continue to change significantly in the next decade. Universities are competing globally for students, academics and funding, and only those that stay relevant and leverage new digital capabilities will benefit in this digital age.

< The beta blog | 07 Dec 2015

The 2018 University: managing complexity and integrating for the future

In our blog ‘’The 2018 University – how ready is higher education to embrace the future’ we considered the challenges facing today’s universities, highlighting that too many conflicting systems mean data is difficult to access and doesn’t provide the insight needed.

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