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< The beta blog | 05 Jan 2017

Paycasso’s CEO Russell King shares 6 things he has learnt about launching a FinTech business

Paycasso is a FinTech business specialising in combating identity fraud through the use of innovative facial recognition and computer learning technology. Russell King, CEO of Paycasso shares the personal lessons he has learnt when building a FinTech business.

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< The beta blog | 02 Nov 2016

M&A: When the Target is Digital

In Mergercast 56, an episode in our Strategy& podcast series, J.Neely, Principal PwC US and a specialist in mergers and restructurings with Strategy&, and Joerg Krings, Managing Director with PwC’s Strategy& Germany based in Munich, discuss the growing rationale for digital deal making, why it’s on the rise, and the M&A challenges when these companies get together.

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< The beta blog | 30 Sep 2016

Revolution or evolution: how will blockchain technology change asset and wealth management?

​From our work across the financial services sector, it is clear to us that Blockchain applications have the potential to transform the industry. We recently hosted a discussion for the Asset and Wealth Management (AWM) sector to specifically look at the application and potential of distributed ledger technology on their business.

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< The beta blog | 02 Aug 2016

Now is the time to embrace the opportunity: how FinTech is shaping financial services

Are innovative and entrepreneurial FinTech start-ups about to steal the financial services sector’s lunch? Established market players are feeling threatened: 83% consider themselves at risk of losing some of their business to standalone FinTech firms.

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< The beta blog | 02 Aug 2016

It’s not a question of ‘if’, it’s a question of ‘how’: the impact of FinTech on insurance

Insurers must decide how to embrace the opportunities new tech brings as InsurTechs are shaking-up the status quo and encouraging insurers to think in a different way. Find out what FinTech means to financial services globally in our survey.

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< The beta blog | 02 Aug 2016

Wealth management industry dangerously behind the curve in adoption of digital technology

Wealth management is one of the least tech-literate sectors of the financial services industry, and is falling well behind other industries, a report published today by PwC finds. ‘Sink or swim: why wealth management can’t afford to miss the digital wave’

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< The beta blog | 06 Jul 2016

The difficulties of putting digital into (health) practice

The possibilities for digital transformation in the healthcare industry are staggering, but haven't yet been fully taken advantage of. We explore the challenges of creating a digital strategy in the sector.

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< The beta blog | 15 Jun 2016

The taxation aspects of digital: data

The evolving digital world means that businesses are collecting more data, often slipping under the radar of tax and other functional departments. Our guide looks at how business is using data and the taxation issues that could arise.

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< The beta blog | 24 May 2016

The challenge of information overload in the digital age

The huge opportunities of a digital, connected global marketplace are tempered by the challenge of keeping pace with new information in a world that doesn’t switch off. How does an entrepreneur or small business find the time to embrace the digital world in a way that improves their focus?

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< The beta blog | 18 Apr 2016

Technology remains key to business success

No matter what your business, technology has changed the way we work - it's a driver of digital disruption. In this film, we hear from four UK CEOs who describe their views on how technology has affected their business as part of our Global Annual CEO Survey.

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