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< The beta blog | 19 Jul 2016

Personal data – are you sharing too much data?

We seem to be more at ease sharing information and our own data in a digital world that we do in the real world. But not all data is safe to share. Tom Lewis shares his thoughts on online privacy.

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< The beta blog | 12 Jul 2016

Wearable tech at work - employers haven’t overcome the ‘big brother’ reaction to sharing personal data

If wearable tech is going to make the step from the consumer market to the workplace, employees need to be persuaded that there’s everything to gain and little to lose, and that their data is not going to be used against them.

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< The beta blog | 06 Jul 2016

The difficulties of putting digital into (health) practice

The possibilities for digital transformation in the healthcare industry are staggering, but haven't yet been fully taken advantage of. We explore the challenges of creating a digital strategy in the sector.

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< The beta blog | 15 Jun 2016

The taxation aspects of digital: data

The evolving digital world means that businesses are collecting more data, often slipping under the radar of tax and other functional departments. Our guide looks at how business is using data and the taxation issues that could arise.

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< The beta blog | 07 Jun 2016

Smart home technology - Internet of Things or Indifference to Things?

There's a lot of hype around the technology advances in the digitally connected home. But do we, as consumers, care as much as we're led to believe? How can energy companies get round this indifference to show the real benefits of the Internet of Things?

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< The beta blog | 06 Jun 2016

Innovation Jumpstart: making innovation second nature

Innovation is a major focus for utility firms - it's increasingly recognised as being the key to helping them meet the challenges that face them in the digital world. We've look at how they can adopt a digital mind-set and take innovative action.

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< The beta blog | 06 Jun 2016

Cross border trade online: how Brussels plans to change the rules

Should online retailers be able to stop someone from overseas buying from their site? European Commission released proposals to bring fair competition and protection to the online market across Member States with a vision for a Digital Single Market.

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< The beta blog | 25 May 2016

Innovation in the energy utilities sector

The unprecedented pace of change in the energy utility sector makes innovation more important than ever – but also creates a new challenge to understand what innovation means today. Truly innovative companies are using disruptive thinking, cutting-edge technologies an

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< The beta blog | 24 May 2016

The challenge of information overload in the digital age

The huge opportunities of a digital, connected global marketplace are tempered by the challenge of keeping pace with new information in a world that doesn’t switch off. How does an entrepreneur or small business find the time to embrace the digital world in a way that improves their focus?

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< The beta blog | 13 May 2016

Taxation impacts arising from new digital business models

Digital is transforming how businesses operate, not just in making it easier to do current business, but also creating new business models with associated challenges to existing legal, regulatory and taxation frameworks.

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