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< The beta blog | 13 Aug 2015

Digital and publishing: Tracking down the tax

For the digital aspects of publishing, tax is important to content sourcing and customer supply. Additionally, identifying the economic owner of intellectual property (IP) is challenging but essential in assessing who should be taxed on the returns made on IP.

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< The beta blog | 04 Aug 2015

Digital payments: an uncertain path to a certain future

Just paid for parking using your mobile phone? Or paid for groceries in a supermarket using the retailer’s dedicated app? Convenient, isn’t it? While these examples make it seem that we’re just moments away from all-pervasive mobile payment, the reality is very different.

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< The beta blog | 04 Aug 2015

Creating a reward strategy for a digital age

We recently held a two day conference for Heads of Reward from some of the largest companies in the UK, Europe and South Africa on the theme of Creating a Reward Strategy for a Digital Age.

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< The beta blog | 23 Jul 2015

The outdated “battle” between digital innovation and regulation is holding you back

Digital health innovators need to stop seeing regulation as a roadblock and start seeing it as a useful and necessary part of launching a digital health product.

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< The beta blog | 15 Jul 2015

​Taking the lead: Finance in a digital age

Boards and business teams are looking to finance to help them navigate through a digital age. If finance can’t provide the necessary insights, it risks being bypassed and sidelined.

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< The beta blog | 07 Jul 2015

(Video) The world is in beta – our event on 12 May

On 12 May, we hosted our ‘the world is in beta’ event to discuss the opportunities and implications of digital transformation, and how companies can gain advantage in this increasingly complex environment.

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< The beta blog | 02 Jul 2015

Creating a business strategy for the digital age: How to keep one step ahead of the disruptors targeting insurance

In insurance, digital is about business transformation, not just technology

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< The beta blog | 01 Jul 2015

Insurance takes on technology or vice versa?

How will the hyper-connected world impact the insurance sector and how will it react? That’s a question to which there’s currently no clear answer, from either side.

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< The beta blog | 30 Jun 2015

How major programmes are harnessing the power of digital to drive real-time insight and better outcomes

Ever tried to drive a car while looking in the rear-view mirror? Me neither. But if you’ve managed major portfolios and programmes in the past, you’ll probably know what it feels like. When you’re navigating a massive programme using historical data from myriad different systems, the challenge isn’t just knowing where you are but avoiding crashing.

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< The beta blog | 25 Jun 2015

Levelling the location debate: introducing the Digital Single Market for small value consignments

With the birth and explosion of ecommerce, is location still a consideration for retail? For some aspects, such as taxation, location can still make a difference for digital businesses. The EU is currently tackling the location debate when it comes to VAT (value-added tax) and customs duty on small value consignments.

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